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Flower Vase / Rose flower  
Code Product : PV18
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White rose (thai local flower) decorate in vase
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Your selected products are now available during certain seasons. If you really like in picture please contact the florist before ordering. If you like the format in which we will arrange a replacement if the product does not have to do with the price as well

You are about to order this product. The style and color may be distorted to some of the pictures you selected for because it's true. Samui Florist shop will try to make products as close to the image you select the most

that the flowers and there may be some time or season.My florist will try to use the material type and color as closely as possible. The form you have chosen

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Standard size
51 White color ( thai rose)
Deluxe size
71 White color (thai rose)
Premium size
99 White color (thai rose)
Upgrade to Exclusive
Be Unique Design



Price: 800.00 THB
Price: 800.00 THB

Price: 1,200.00 THB
Price: 1,200.00 THB

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Price: 900.00 THB

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Price: 1,000.00 THB

Price: 699.00 THB
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Price: 490.00 THB
Price: 490.00 THB

Price: 290.00 THB

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