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    Wedding Gallery / Wedding Photo

     picture works example preceding in the past of the Samui Florist shop,
    อัลบั้มรูปแต่งงาน เป็นผลงานที่ทางร้านดอกไม้สมุยฟลอริสท์ ได้จัด เอามาให้ดูเป็นตัวอย่าง

    Wedding garland/มาลัยแต่งงาน
    In Thai ceremonies.Garland for the bride and groom.Always needed.It will be poured at the blessed water. The parents of the bride and groom. Will need to wear the bride and groom to a fortune.After that evening, a banquet to use it again.The beauty wear to work and show the guests that come to work in pairs bride groom is wearing a garland garland itself with its fresh and capable of being. There are several patterns garland wedding. But that is popular with both a heart is a heart and chain hook. Figure to show the view. Order must order at least 3 days in advance.  More during the wedding season will need to book a very sheerSunday. Prices are high and needs of our customers use. Price will be a much more expensive. Regular price garland is approximately 800 to 1,000 baht per pair. But Which is the last pair is very high price to 1,200 baht per pair.


    Set water trumpet marriage. /อุปกรณ์พิธีรดน้ำสังข์แต่งงาน
     Set in the ritual of watering needed trumpet. Water for the ceremony because the bride and groom to know that both have agreed to and then a couple.  

      NO PICTURE  


     Kanhmak set./ชุดขันหมาก

     พานขันหมาก-พานขนมมงคล  พานขันหมาก-พานขนมมงคล  พานขันหมาก-พานแหวน
      พานขันหมาก-พานธูป-เทียนแพ  พานขันหมาก-พานเอก(หมาก-พลู) พานขันหมาก-พานธูป-เทียน/พานหมาก-พลู (งานใบตอง)

    Wedding Cake/เค้กแต่งงาน
    In the Christian wedding ceremony will be cut between cake bride and groom.Cake will be used in multiple configurations.The satisfaction of you and colugo bride.Which is called a pound weight. And class sizes and to order.  Price will change according to size and type of cake flavors, such as the police leave New chocolate cake or fresh fruit is. 


    Flowers up chest. /ดอกไม้ติดหน้าอก
    Bouquet groom shirt to be used for beauty.And several very large panicle which the host is not prepared for the important guests of honor. Parents of the bride and groom with.


     Bridal bouquet./ช่อดอกไม้เจ้าสาว 
    In Christian ceremonies the bouquet you need. At the completion ceremony of the bride throw the bouquet to the bridesmaid and guests work.  As he said that belief. Young woman who received flowers at the panicle will be good news to the door and walk into marriage.



    Wedding arch/ซุ้มดอกไม้แต่งงาน.
    But the way to work.Ornamental plants are not arched entrance for guests to escape the The bride and groom standing together and guest pose with a memorial.  



    Flowers in a chair wedding/ดอกไม้ตกแต่งเก้าอี้.
    To beauty and neatness. 



    Wedding flowers decorate the area/ดอกไม้ตกแต่งในสถานที่.



    More events in a marriage/กิจกรรมในงานพิธีวันแต่งงาน.

    Elephant to sit a bride and groom love to cruise  Buddhist ceremony put philanthropy pour water
        NO PICTURE  
     boloon lucky to victory  Drum dance a long tradition of Thai.  


    Wedding days/ Flower decorate

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